I am an Independent Internet Consultant based in London, UK. For over two and a half years I have been developing and exploring my Internet expertise. And it wasn't until recently that I decided to make that expertise available to the public. The areas of the Internet to which my expertise stretches include:
multimedia based Internet Marketing Campaigns
research on topics that can be found on the Internet
advanced tutorials on Internet based software
web site development
The Aim

I aim to provide you with a low cost jargon free advice that hopefully will last more then a single meeting. Working together from the very beginning with pen and paper, and progressively moving forwards, with the help of Internet based technology, we will be able to achieve the exact need you require from the Internet in order to realise your companies full potential.

The Difference
What makes me different from other Internet Consultancy companies is that I am completely independent. You see, most of the companies advice you on their services. The difference with me is that I will advice you on those services and not only with a single company but with almost all of the companies that provide those services. So, for example, if you wanted your company to advertise on the Internet and needed a multimedia presentation then I would advice you on several companies that provide that service and unlike large Internet Consultancy firms I would also tell you the bad points of each company, in consequence leaving you with an all round good company that would be in your very best interest.
Target Audience
As I am based in London, UK my target audience would have to be small business without a website or without Internet awareness, so that with the help of my services we can hopefully change that. Also a number of my services can help small business who have an e-commerce web site but wish to develop further or need advice or problem solving. And finally the last target audience would have to be individual people who require Internet based research. (To see if you fit into any of these criteria's please visit the "SERVICES").
The Process
Initially what you need to do if you are interested in any of my services, is to contact me by telephone or e-mail to arrange an appointment that is suitable to both of us so that I can visit you and discuss the problem and possible solutions (depending on the service required). Afterwards I will begin work on the solution and once finished contact you again for a meeting and present the solution to you, once again this scenario is generated depending on the service required.
It is advisable that you visit the services page next.
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