The meeting will be charged at £25 per hour, from here there are two options. First if I am able to undertake the service and you are happy to go ahead with the service then the fee of the meeting will be added on to your final invoice. If you decide not to continue with the service after that meeting or decide to council the service during the time it takes for me to complete it then you will be required to pay the meeting fee. If however during the initial meeting or during the process of the service construction I myself decide to council the service then you will not be required to pay any charges.

A more detailed specification will be available in the Terms & Conditions which I will present to you in the initial meeting.

If the service is to be carried out over e-mail then the cheque is to be sent over the post and upon delivery of the cheque the service will take place. There is no meeting fee. This type of service delivery is available only for Internet based topic research and report preparation.
Payment for any service is to be done by cheque made payable to Ted Todorov
I have arranged these guidelines in order to avoid unnecessary complications
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