E-commerce Strategies
… e-commerce, e-business and e-strategies all point to one thing, the ever present and developing Internet. You often hear people talking about how they "surf" the Internet; well now you really can, not only you but your business too. Whether you have ten employees or just yourself with my expert help I can get you the right advice that will enable you to not only surf the e-commerce wave but to be at the very top of your class. Working together we can create an e-strategy which incorporates your business needs together with the very latest in technological e-commerce advances. With my Jargon free advice e-strategies with me will become e-seay.
E-commerce Clinic
This service is particularly good for anyone already running an e-commerce site, or simply needs answers to possible problems that could arise with e-business.

Is your site suffering from credit card fraud? Want to know the cause? Better still, want to know the cure? Or perhaps you have too many abandoned shopping carts or are you asking yourself where are my visitors? For all the answers to these problems and many others get in touch now and see what a difference the e-commerce clinic can make to your e-business.


Internet Marketing Campaigns
With my knowledge of Internet marketing I can advice you on the latest multimedia services which will enable you to do various assignments. For example; reach more customers (with advertising presentations you can definitely reach more customers) or you may want to generate a further product / service awareness among you existing or potential customers, with interactive catalogues and manuals it couldn't be easier. And that's just the start of what multimedia can do for your business.


Internet Topic Research and Report Preparation

Got a particular topic you need information on? Want to search the Internet? But don't know how or don't have the time? Well don't worry because help is at hand. I will search the Internet for you and produce an A4 sheet full of all the relevant web site, and not only that but I will also filter the useless site and leave you with the quality sites that will ensure you find out the maximum from your topic. For a little extra I will also produce a detailed report on your topic that will give detailed search results and specific information from those websites. So if you have a topic that you want to find out more about then the Internet topic research services is for you and if you don't have the time to check through each website then the report preparation service is for you.


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